ReiseBank uses Ripple to make international payments faster and more convenient for travelers visiting Germany.


ReiseBank Executes
First Live Ripple Payment

Live on stage at the Payments Panorama conference in Calgary, ReiseBank exchanged $1,000 Canadian dollars from ATB Financial into euros using the Ripple solution. Settlement occurred in just eight seconds, versus the 2-6 business days it would typically take.

Demo: With Ripple, banks can offer low-cost retail remittance services anywhere in the world.

“In the future, Ripple will enable cash-to-account and account-to-cash real-time payments, not just with ReiseBank but with institutions all over the world.”

— Frank Boberach, head of product management at ReiseBank

Cross-Border Payment Settles in 8 Seconds

ReiseBank integrates Ripple to make payments faster and more cost-effective.

About ReiseBank


ReiseBank is a wholly owned subsidiary of DZ BANK headquartered in Frankfurt.

branches throughout Germany

million travelers serviced

months to complete pilot with Ripple

seconds to settle an international payment


Acquire new customers and increase usage of ATMs by making cross-border payments faster, cost-effective and more convenient for travelers visiting Germany.


ReiseBank completed a pilot with Ripple in four months and settled the world’s first live payment between Canada and Germany in seconds.

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