Quantify Your Bank’s Efficiency Gains

Using Ripple, your bank can acquire new customers and grow revenue through differentiated products and services. In addition to that, Ripple lowers your bank's back-office costs through an efficient mechanism to process and settle international payments. This model allows you to estimate the efficiency gains your bank can achieve using Ripple for international payments. See related article.

Use the sliders below to customize the analysis using your bank's volume and operational metrics.

# Of Annual Transactions
10k 100k 100M 1M 10M
Annual Transactions Value
$5M $200M $5T $5B $200B

Ripple can save your bank

per payment*

Annual Savings of

*Savings may be greater for micro-payments.

Errors, Failures and Reconciliation

International payments today do not always process straight through. This section estimates the effort it takes for errors, failures, investigations and end-of-day reconciliation.

Error Rate
0% 50%
Failure Rate
0% 50%
Payments to be Reconciled
0.50% 50%
Avg. Time to Reconcile
1 min 50 min

Liquidity and Counterparty Fees

Managing liquidity and cash positions internationally can get expensive. This section estimates the costs associated with treasury operations and counterparty fees.

% Bidirectionality
0% 100%
Wholesale FX Cost
0.01% 5%
Counterparty Fee
$0.10 $10
Days of Endpoint Coverage
1 Day 10 Days